VITA MFT - Easy. Right on Point.




Amazing efficiency and compelling quality: The VITA denture tooth with Easy Centric.

The VITA MFT (Multi Functional Tooth) can be used in a variety of ways – for partial and total dentures, as well as hybrid and implant prosthetics. Since the chewing surface is designed to be multifunctional, the tooth line is suitable for all common setup concepts.
Thanks to the VITA Easy Centric principle, the VITA MFT sets up almost automatically, saving time, money and stress.
VITA MFT. Saves time.

Saves time.


Simple and efficient setup, thanks to VITA Easy Centric principle. Suitable for all common setup techniques.

VITA MFT. Saves money.

Saves money.


The multifunctional, economic denture tooth is available in a large range of shades and shapes. Available in 16 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and 16 VITA classical A1-D4 shades.

VITA MFT. Reduces stress.

Reduces stress.


Reliable and rapid results with compelling quality inspire you and your patients.

The VITA Easy Centric principle for rapid work flow.

  • Easy to set up with reliable safety
    through predefined contact points for automatic centric finding.
  • Reduced grinding effort
    optimized basal design.
  • Can be used for all prosthetic techniques
    due to the multifunctional chewing design. For example, according to Gysi, Prof. Dr. A. Gerber, APF/TiF and ABC.
VITA MFT. Urban Christen.

Urban Christen, denturist – dental technician, dental prosthetics practice, Hunzenschwil, Switzerland

"VITA MFT is really multifunctional. I can use all setup techniques and find the right solution for every patient.  I prefer to set up the MFT lingually with a one-to-one tooth ratio. VITA MFT also makes my work easier because it is self-centering. I hardly have to readjust or try things out, so I can set up easier and faster." 

VITA MFT. Easy Centric.
VITA MFT. New Shades!
VITA MFT. HC-Polymermaterial.

Reliable material quality for tested durability.

Developed by German engineers.

The proven VITA HC-polymer material (high- ly cross-linked polymer) has a matrix of highly cross-linked MMA and monomers. The result is good mechanical stability and surface resistance.

Tested manufacturing processes (according to Ger- man quality standards in production and design) for consistently high quality (EN ISO 13485 tested and certified.)

VITA MFT. Endrio Floridi, Dental Technician, Italy
VITA MFT. César Pereira, Dental Technician, Portugal
VITA MFT. Ricardo Mata, Dental Technician, Spain
VITA MFT. Alessio Ruscica, Dental Technician, Italy
VITA MFT. Gino Isetti, Dental Technician, Italy
VITA MFT. Easy. Right on point.
VITA MFT. Easy. Right on point.

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